Year: Help
  • OCAS Report
  • Report for Year: 2019 - 2020
  • Report for District: Beaver
  • Function Code: 2300
  • Report Generated: 10/20/2021 5:57:22 AM
Function CodeFunction DescriptionObject CodeObject DescriptionAmount
2312Board Clerk/Deputy Clerk/Minute Clerk Services120Regular Noncertified Salaries$1,500.00
2312Board Clerk/Deputy Clerk/Minute Clerk Services241FICA - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$87.11
2312Board Clerk/Deputy Clerk/Minute Clerk Services242Medicare - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$20.39
2312Board Clerk/Deputy Clerk/Minute Clerk Services263Retirement - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$142.45
2312Board Clerk/Deputy Clerk/Minute Clerk Services525Surety Bonds$450.00
2313Board Treasurer Services120Regular Noncertified Salaries$1,000.00
2313Board Treasurer Services241FICA - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$58.13
2313Board Treasurer Services242Medicare - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$13.58
2313Board Treasurer Services263Retirement - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$95.04
2313Board Treasurer Services525Surety Bonds$750.00
2314Election Services810Dues and Fees$500.00
2317Legal Services357Other Legal Services$73.73
2317Legal Services810Dues and Fees$700.00
2318Audit Services331Accounting Services$7,500.00
2319Other Board of Education Services336Medical Services$415.00
2319Other Board of Education Services522Liability Insurance$63,083.00
2319Other Board of Education Services580Staff Travel$2,383.00
2319Other Board of Education Services682Awards, Gifts, Decorations, Regalia, and Refreshments$117.95
2319Other Board of Education Services810Dues and Fees$5,080.00
2321Office of the Superintendent Services110Regular Certified Salaries$100,000.00
2321Office of the Superintendent Services116TRS Offset for Certified Staff$1,410.53
2321Office of the Superintendent Services120Regular Noncertified Salaries$34,000.00
2321Office of the Superintendent Services213Health and Accident Insurance - Certified Personnel$7,264.80
2321Office of the Superintendent Services223Health and Accident Insurance - Noncertified Personnel$7,264.80
2321Office of the Superintendent Services231FICA - Employer's Contribution - Certified Personnel$6,189.06
2321Office of the Superintendent Services232Medicare - Employer's Contribution - Certified Personnel$1,447.44
2321Office of the Superintendent Services241FICA - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$2,054.70
2321Office of the Superintendent Services242Medicare - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$480.56
2321Office of the Superintendent Services251Retirement - District-Paid - Certified Personnel$6,116.35
2321Office of the Superintendent Services253Retirement - Employer's Contribution - Certified Personnel$10,215.01
2321Office of the Superintendent Services263Retirement - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$3,230.04
2321Office of the Superintendent Services525Surety Bonds$629.59
2321Office of the Superintendent Services530Communication Services$99.00
2321Office of the Superintendent Services580Staff Travel$617.78
2321Office of the Superintendent Services611Copy supplies$437.97
2321Office of the Superintendent Services810Dues and Fees$1,715.35
2323Community Relations Services530Communication Services$5,835.77
2323Community Relations Services653Supplies-Technology Related$3,995.38
2330State and Federal Relations Services331Accounting Services$4,410.00