Year: Help
  • OCAS Report
  • Report for Year: 2018 - 2019
  • Report for District: Colcord
  • Function Code: 2700
  • Report Generated: 10/26/2020 7:24:50 AM
Function CodeFunction DescriptionObject CodeObject DescriptionAmount
2720Vehicle Operation Services120Regular Noncertified Salaries$68,966.51
2720Vehicle Operation Services125Salary in Lieu of Other Fringe Benefits for Noncertified Staff$6,342.09
2720Vehicle Operation Services193Extra Duty/Addenda—Non-certified$7,252.50
2720Vehicle Operation Services223Health and Accident Insurance - Noncertified Personnel$9,642.72
2720Vehicle Operation Services224Life Insurance - Noncertified Personnel$358.50
2720Vehicle Operation Services241FICA - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$6,121.09
2720Vehicle Operation Services261Retirement - District-Paid - Noncertified Personnel$33.87
2720Vehicle Operation Services262Retirement - Federal Matching - Noncertified Personnel$616.49
2720Vehicle Operation Services263Retirement - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$6,888.09
2720Vehicle Operation Services283Workers' Compensation - Noncertified Personnel$610.55
2720Vehicle Operation Services336Medical Services$1,200.00
2720Vehicle Operation Services337OTHER PROFESSIONAL SERVICES$500.00
2720Vehicle Operation Services513Student Transportation Services by Outside Agency or Person$1,345.00
2720Vehicle Operation Services515Student Out-of-District Travel - Lodging Services$1,984.79
2720Vehicle Operation Services516Student Out-of-District Travel - Meal Services$10,135.58
2720Vehicle Operation Services612Automotive and bus supplies$100.00
2720Vehicle Operation Services760Vehicles$2,545.62
2720Vehicle Operation Services810Dues and Fees$146.50
2720Vehicle Operation Services860Staff Registration and Tuition$227.50
2740Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance Services120Regular Noncertified Salaries$32,052.00
2740Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance Services125Salary in Lieu of Other Fringe Benefits for Noncertified Staff$948.45
2740Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance Services223Health and Accident Insurance - Noncertified Personnel$4,164.30
2740Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance Services224Life Insurance - Noncertified Personnel$110.34
2740Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance Services241FICA - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$2,524.51
2740Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance Services263Retirement - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$3,055.44
2740Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance Services283Workers' Compensation - Noncertified Personnel$256.76
2740Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance Services430Repairs and Maintenance Services$7,713.88
2740Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance Services580Staff Travel$19.43
2740Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance Services612Automotive and bus supplies$18,272.50
2740Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance Services623Diesel.$19.01
2740Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance Services625Gasoline$47,014.56