Year: Help
  • OCAS Report
  • Report for Year: 2019 - 2020
  • Report for District: Wyandotte
  • Function Code: 2600
  • Report Generated: 10/25/2021 8:53:37 PM
Function CodeFunction DescriptionObject CodeObject DescriptionAmount
2620Operation of Buildings Services120Regular Noncertified Salaries$162,102.62
2620Operation of Buildings Services125Salary in Lieu of Other Fringe Benefits for Noncertified Staff$2,276.28
2620Operation of Buildings Services150Overtime Salaries - Noncertified$7,650.61
2620Operation of Buildings Services181Bonus for Noncertified Staff (CONFER WITH TRS)$1,299.42
2620Operation of Buildings Services223Health and Accident Insurance - Noncertified Personnel$42,378.00
2620Operation of Buildings Services241FICA - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$11,023.65
2620Operation of Buildings Services242Medicare - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$2,578.00
2620Operation of Buildings Services261Retirement - District-Paid - Noncertified Personnel$12,777.15
2620Operation of Buildings Services263Retirement - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$17,340.44
2620Operation of Buildings Services283Workers' Compensation - Noncertified Personnel$6,669.83
2620Operation of Buildings Services410Utility Services$98,629.42
2620Operation of Buildings Services420Cleaning and Laundry Services$12,865.12
2620Operation of Buildings Services432Technology Services$6,864.00
2620Operation of Buildings Services433Cooling Services$714.00
2620Operation of Buildings Services435Heating Services$694.25
2620Operation of Buildings Services438Other Building Svcs$472.07
2620Operation of Buildings Services439Oth Equip & Veh Svcs$1,171.65
2620Operation of Buildings Services442Equip & Vehicle Svcs$803.30
2620Operation of Buildings Services443Land & Bldg Svcs$5,798.40
2620Operation of Buildings Services446Food Storage Svcs$44.00
2620Operation of Buildings Services449Oth Rentals/Lease Sv$1,832.69
2620Operation of Buildings Services450Construction Services - Outside Contractors$48,929.43
2620Operation of Buildings Services523Property Insurance$44,703.00
2620Operation of Buildings Services530Communication Services$19,497.20
2620Operation of Buildings Services612Automotive and bus supplies$1,918.43
2620Operation of Buildings Services616Health, First-Aid & Hygiene Supplies$1,396.44
2620Operation of Buildings Services618Cleaning, Maintenance Supplies and Chemicals$39,080.35
2620Operation of Buildings Services619General Supplies$1,098.66
2620Operation of Buildings Services621Bottled Gas/Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)$32,855.88
2620Operation of Buildings Services651Appliances / Furniture / Fixtures$6,727.48
2620Operation of Buildings Services653Supplies-Technology Related$399.00
2620Operation of Buildings Services656Machinery/Machines$12,394.32
2620Operation of Buildings Services657Uniforms$209.50
2620Operation of Buildings Services682Awards, Gifts, Decorations, Regalia, and Refreshments$13.00
2620Operation of Buildings Services734Technology Software$19,030.92
2620Operation of Buildings Services736Machinery$7,596.35
2630Care and Upkeep of Grounds Services149Other Non-Certified Temporary Compensation$10,576.56
2630Care and Upkeep of Grounds Services241FICA - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$655.75
2630Care and Upkeep of Grounds Services242Medicare - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$153.35
2630Care and Upkeep of Grounds Services283Workers' Compensation - Noncertified Personnel$406.99
2630Care and Upkeep of Grounds Services420Cleaning and Laundry Services$2,015.00
2630Care and Upkeep of Grounds Services442Equip & Vehicle Svcs$42.00
2630Care and Upkeep of Grounds Services450Construction Services - Outside Contractors$26,776.03
2630Care and Upkeep of Grounds Services612Automotive and bus supplies$34.46
2630Care and Upkeep of Grounds Services618Cleaning, Maintenance Supplies and Chemicals$8,543.63
2630Care and Upkeep of Grounds Services625Gasoline$1,156.47
2630Care and Upkeep of Grounds Services656Machinery/Machines$329.99
2630Care and Upkeep of Grounds Services682Awards, Gifts, Decorations, Regalia, and Refreshments$111.00
2640Care and Upkeep of Equipment Services432Technology Services$124.00
2640Care and Upkeep of Equipment Services433Cooling Services$3,891.50
2640Care and Upkeep of Equipment Services436Office Machine Svcs$4,064.51
2640Care and Upkeep of Equipment Services438Other Building Svcs$451.61
2640Care and Upkeep of Equipment Services439Oth Equip & Veh Svcs$92,747.45
2640Care and Upkeep of Equipment Services450Construction Services - Outside Contractors$1,732.65
2640Care and Upkeep of Equipment Services530Communication Services$12,301.80
2640Care and Upkeep of Equipment Services618Cleaning, Maintenance Supplies and Chemicals$8,403.13
2640Care and Upkeep of Equipment Services656Machinery/Machines$59.09
2650Vehicle Operation and Maintenance Services439Oth Equip & Veh Svcs$15.00
2650Vehicle Operation and Maintenance Services521Fleet Insurance$2,000.00
2650Vehicle Operation and Maintenance Services530Communication Services$23.16
2650Vehicle Operation and Maintenance Services612Automotive and bus supplies$277.82
2650Vehicle Operation and Maintenance Services625Gasoline$473.74
2660Security Services432Technology Services$350.00
2660Security Services438Other Building Svcs$6,149.00
2660Security Services652Audiovisual$13,165.13
2670Safety438Other Building Svcs$450.00
2670Safety530Communication Services$2,771.78
2670Safety550Printing and Binding$199.00
2670Safety653Supplies-Technology Related$998.00