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  • OCAS Report
  • Report for Year: 2019 - 2020
  • Report for District: Bray-Doyle
  • Function Code: 2300
  • Report Generated: 10/19/2021 7:12:46 PM
Function CodeFunction DescriptionObject CodeObject DescriptionAmount
2312Board Clerk/Deputy Clerk/Minute Clerk Services193Extra Duty/Addenda—Non-certified$1,000.00
2312Board Clerk/Deputy Clerk/Minute Clerk Services241FICA - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$65.40
2312Board Clerk/Deputy Clerk/Minute Clerk Services242Medicare - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$15.36
2312Board Clerk/Deputy Clerk/Minute Clerk Services263Retirement - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$95.03
2312Board Clerk/Deputy Clerk/Minute Clerk Services525Surety Bonds$419.00
2313Board Treasurer Services120Regular Noncertified Salaries$8,564.03
2313Board Treasurer Services241FICA - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$530.97
2313Board Treasurer Services242Medicare - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$124.18
2313Board Treasurer Services263Retirement - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$813.58
2313Board Treasurer Services525Surety Bonds$131.50
2316Staff Relations and Negotiations Services860Staff Registration and Tuition$285.00
2317Legal Services353Contract Services: Contract Draft & Review$727.50
2317Legal Services354General Counsel Services-Board Representation$2,987.00
2317Legal Services356Employment Law$3,876.00
2317Legal Services357Other Legal Services$6,148.60
2317Legal Services642Periodicals (includes professional publications)$750.00
2317Legal Services810Dues and Fees$9,250.00
2318Audit Services331Accounting Services$6,100.00
2319Other Board of Education Services810Dues and Fees$4,260.00
2319Other Board of Education Services860Staff Registration and Tuition$900.00
2321Office of the Superintendent Services110Regular Certified Salaries$91,480.00
2321Office of the Superintendent Services116TRS Offset for Certified Staff$1,278.23
2321Office of the Superintendent Services120Regular Noncertified Salaries$19,135.01
2321Office of the Superintendent Services125Salary in Lieu of Other Fringe Benefits for Noncertified Staff$1,517.52
2321Office of the Superintendent Services170Stipends - Certified$3,978.47
2321Office of the Superintendent Services180Stipends - Noncertified$1,836.59
2321Office of the Superintendent Services192Extra Duty/Addenda—Certified$1,000.00
2321Office of the Superintendent Services212Dental Insurance - Certified Personnel$480.48
2321Office of the Superintendent Services213Health and Accident Insurance - Certified Personnel$5,722.68
2321Office of the Superintendent Services223Health and Accident Insurance - Noncertified Personnel$2,566.96
2321Office of the Superintendent Services231FICA - Employer's Contribution - Certified Personnel$5,977.52
2321Office of the Superintendent Services232Medicare - Employer's Contribution - Certified Personnel$1,397.89
2321Office of the Superintendent Services241FICA - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$1,398.02
2321Office of the Superintendent Services242Medicare - Employer's Contribution - Noncertified Personnel$326.97
2321Office of the Superintendent Services251Retirement - District-Paid - Certified Personnel$6,448.99
2321Office of the Superintendent Services253Retirement - Employer's Contribution - Certified Personnel$10,486.91
2321Office of the Superintendent Services525Surety Bonds$131.50
2330State and Federal Relations Services110Regular Certified Salaries$999.98
2330State and Federal Relations Services231FICA - Employer's Contribution - Certified Personnel$60.60
2330State and Federal Relations Services232Medicare - Employer's Contribution - Certified Personnel$14.16
2330State and Federal Relations Services253Retirement - Employer's Contribution - Certified Personnel$94.98
2340Other General and Administrative Services110Regular Certified Salaries$2,000.00
2340Other General and Administrative Services231FICA - Employer's Contribution - Certified Personnel$110.64
2340Other General and Administrative Services232Medicare - Employer's Contribution - Certified Personnel$25.84
2340Other General and Administrative Services253Retirement - Employer's Contribution - Certified Personnel$190.82
2340Other General and Administrative Services310OFCL/ADM SVCS$10,600.00
2340Other General and Administrative Services443Land & Bldg Svcs$985.00