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District Name:
Norman 14I029
131 South Flood Avenue
Norman, OK 73069-5463
Website: - Additional information on school district budget and expenditures may be available on the district webpage.
Year: 2018 - 2019 Expenditure Total: $142,316,973.31
Enrollment as of Oct. 1st: 16,085 Enrollment PPE: $8,847.81
    Superintendent Total Compensation Report

Function CodeDescriptionAmountEnrollment PPE
1000 Instruction$78,410,074.66 $4,874.73
2100 Support Services—Students$11,034,020.57 $685.98
2200 Support Services—Instructional Staff$6,141,452.30 $381.81
2300 Support Services—General Administration$3,582,830.47 $222.74
2400 Support Services—School Administration$7,400,850.96 $460.11
2500 Support Services – Central Services$5,983,397.76 $371.99
2600 Operation and Maintenance of Plant Services$11,644,781.95 $723.95
2700 Student Transportation Services$5,661,545.24 $351.98
3100 Child Nutrition Programs Operations$5,140,450.63 $319.58
3200 Enterprise Operations$510,873.56 $31.76

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 Site CodeSchool NameGradesAddress
Details 107Lakeview ESPK - 053310 108th Ave NE, Norman, OK, 73071-8008
Details 110Adams ESPK - 05817 Denison Dr, Norman, OK, 73069-7553
Details 112Cleveland ESPK - 05500 N Sherry Ave, Norman, OK, 73069-6840
Details 115Jackson ESPK - 05520 Wylie Rd, Norman, OK, 73069-5348
Details 120Jefferson ESPK - 05250 N Cockrel Ave, Norman, OK, 73071-6012
Details 122Kennedy ESPK - 05621 Sunrise St, Norman, OK, 73071-2531
Details 125Lincoln ESPK - 05915 Classen Blvd, Norman, OK, 73071-5013
Details 130Madison ESPK - 05500 James Dr, Norman, OK, 73072-6548
Details 135McKinley ESPK - 05728 S Flood Ave, Norman, OK, 73069-4555
Details 140Eisenhower ESPK - 051415 Fairlawn Dr, Norman, OK, 73071-3622
Details 145Wilson ESPK - 05800 N Peters Ave, Norman, OK, 73069-7866
Details 150Monroe ESPK - 051601 Mcgee Dr, Norman, OK, 73072-5855
Details 151Ronald Reagan ESPK - 051601 24th Ave SE, Norman, OK, 73071
Details 153Roosevelt ESPK - 054250 W Tecumseh Rd, Norman, OK, 73072-1709
Details 155Truman ES03 - 05600 Parkside Rd, Norman, OK, 73072-4200
Details 160Washington ESPK - 05600 48th St SE, Norman, OK, 73026-0800
Details 165Truman Primary SchoolPK - 06601 Meadow Ridge Rd, Norman, OK, 73072-3901
Details 170Dimensions AcademyKG - 081101 E Main St, Norman, OK, 73071-5331
Details 500Irving MS06 - 08125 Vicksburg Ave, Norman, OK, 73071-2428
Details 501Alcott MS06 - 081919 W Boyd St, Norman, OK, 73069-4829
Details 502Longfellow MS06 - 08215 N Ponca Ave, Norman, OK, 73071-5826
Details 504Whittier MS06 - 082000 W Brooks St, Norman, OK, 73069-4204
Details 705Norman HS09 - 12911 W Main St, Norman, OK, 73069-6920
Details 710Norman North HS09 - 121809 Stubbeman Ave, Norman, OK, 73069-8659
Details 740Dimensions Academy09 - 121101 E Main St, Norman, OK, 73071-5331