Year: Help
District Name:
Lawton 16I008
Post Office Box 1009
Lawton, OK 73502-1009
Website: - Additional information on school district budget and expenditures may be available on the district webpage.
Year: 2019 - 2020 Expenditure Total: $137,542,159.33
Enrollment as of Oct. 1st: 13,679 Enrollment PPE: $10,054.99

Function CodeDescriptionAmountEnrollment PPE
1000 Instruction$68,063,472.86 $4,975.76
2100 Support Services—Students$15,583,627.39 $1,139.24
2200 Support Services—Instructional Staff$3,772,336.06 $275.78
2300 Support Services—General Administration$3,882,249.08 $283.81
2400 Support Services—School Administration$8,009,406.83 $585.53
2500 Support Services – Central Services$4,686,293.97 $342.59
2600 Operation and Maintenance of Plant Services$14,024,080.87 $1,025.23
2700 Student Transportation Services$4,600,707.57 $336.33
3100 Child Nutrition Programs Operations$7,689,875.26 $562.17
3200 Enterprise Operations$579,189.44 $42.34

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 Site CodeSchool NameGradesAddress
Details 105Adams ESPK - 053501 NW Ferris Ave, Lawton, OK, 73505-6127
Details 106Almor West ESPK - 056902 SW Delta Ave, Lawton, OK, 73505-6628
Details 108Carriage Hills ESPK - 05215 SE Warwick Way, Lawton, OK, 73501-6368
Details 110Cleveland ESPK - 051202 SW 27th St, Lawton, OK, 73505-7947
Details 114Crosby Park ESPK - 051602 NW Horton Blvd, Lawton, OK, 73505-2934
Details 122Edison ESPK - 055801 NW Columbia Ave, Lawton, OK, 73505-5727
Details 125Eisenhower ESPK - 05315 SW 52nd St, Lawton, OK, 73505-6828
Details 127Freedom ESPK - 05Tbd, Lawton, OK, 73505
Details 140Ridgecrest ESPK - 051614 NW 47th St, Lawton, OK, 73505-3208
Details 148Hugh Bish ESPK - 055611 NW Alan A Dale Ln, Lawton, OK, 73505-1493
Details 165Lincoln ESPK - 05601 SW Park Ave, Lawton, OK, 73501-5238
Details 168Pat Henry ESPK - 051401 NW Bessie Ave, Lawton, OK, 73507-2632
Details 173Pioneer Park ESPK - 053005 NE Angus Pl, Lawton, OK, 73507-1420
Details 183Sullivan Village ESPK - 053802 SE Elmhurst Ln, Lawton, OK, 73501-8418
Details 195Washington ESPK - 05805 NW Columbia Ave, Lawton, OK, 73507-6650
Details 200Learning Tree AcademyPK - PK1908 NW 38th St, Lawton, OK, 73505-3707
Details 205Whittier ESPK - 051115 NW Laird Ave, Lawton, OK, 73507-5219
Details 220Woodland Hills ESPK - 05405 NW Woodland Dr, Lawton, OK, 73505-5432
Details 530Macarthur MS06 - 08510 NE 45th St, Lawton, OK, 73507-6101
Details 535Central MS06 - 081201 NW Fort Sill Blvd, Lawton, OK, 73507-5446
Details 540Tomlinson MS06 - 08702 NW Homestead Dr, Lawton, OK, 73505-5205
Details 545Eisenhower MS06 - 085702 W Gore Blvd, Lawton, OK, 73505-5800
Details 705Eisenhower HS09 - 125202 W Gore Blvd, Lawton, OK, 73505-5841
Details 710Lawton HS09 - 12601 NW Fort Sill Blvd, Lawton, OK, 73507-6601
Details 715Macarthur HS09 - 124402 E Gore Blvd, Lawton, OK, 73501-6245